• Ways To Build Accurate Assertive Habits

    Most people would readily agree that assertive behavior is something we'd all like to have. To be sure, the more you can acquire, the easier life will be. However, determining exactly what this is isn't so easy, so we are going to find out.

    Just like when you ask ten economists what the meaning of any given economy is, asking ten different people about assertive behavior will give you ten different answers as well. That's why it's crucially important to have a clear understanding of what it is, so that you can easily get more if it when the time comes. This is what we're doing to do in this article.

    If you think of an assertive person, you may imagine somebody who is actually aggressive. This is because aggressive people usually get what they want, which is what we imagine assertive people doing. But aggressive people don't usually worry too much about other people.

    On the other side of the coin is passive behavior .This is pretty clearly, and we all know a passive person when we see one. This person is so worried of upsetting others that they rarely make any moves on their own. When talking to girls, this guy is usually referred to as a "nice guy."

    In the middle is not being assertive. It is being passive-aggressive. Which means you're passive until you're angry enough to be aggressive. Then you step on everybody's toes, feel horrified, and go back to being passive. You bounce back and forth between the two, without really knowing what the middle is.

    True assertive behavior has nothing to do with these two opposite extremes. What it does is take the best of both, and combine them into one powerful set of behaviors that everybody can like and respect at the same time. You can ask for what you want, while respecting others at the same time.

    Once you understand the true power of this, you'll see what it really means. Feeling comfortable asking for what you want, while at the same time, fully accepting their right to say no, you'll never be worried about rejection again.

    The wicked magic in this is that you'll rarely get rejected. Truly asking somebody to do something is like giving them the permission to say no. Which they'll never do, as you'll soon realize.

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    Since we don't really like interacting with either passive or aggressive people, you will be sought after by most people you interact with. People will love giving you what you want, and you'll have plenty of new friends and relationships.

    So instead of being passive, or aggressive, simply ask for what you want. You'll be surprised what you'll find. True magic will happen.

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