• The Secrets Of Terms

    When we communicate, most of us only pay consideration to subject matter. However, there's a much, much deeper level of words and phrases. Rich below the surface area, there is amazing magic.

    Exactly how can we get to this level? I'm talking about the framework. Below the subject material is the structure. Only paying interest to the outside will cause you plenty of grief. But in reality, this is not true. The framework is what causes all human action.

    But almost every sales person and persuader out there only pays interest to subject material. But unless they already and specifically want your content, it won't work.

    Using structure terms will get you a lot more success. Instead of getting them to buy your red car, for example, try something else. Just get them thinking of buying something they really want.

    Then this wonderful emotionalfeeling will be attached to your product or service. And it doesn't even matter what your product or service is.

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    Wonderful Power Of Seduction Are Yours

    Unless you have been living under a mountain, you understand all about the three second rule. Of course, this means you've got three seconds to get up and move. Or if you don't talk to her, at least get up and do a little something.

    Precisely why is this so vital?

    It will get you considering about anything other than getting rejected. The sooner you get out of your brain, the better. In your head is nothing but worries and imaginations of the future. But taking action will create wonderful destination and delightful fun. So train this into your brain.

    It won't matter if you in fact talk to her. Just that you get up and move. You've got to train this as an automatic response. When you see a cute girl, you should be up and moving before you even recognize what's occurring.

    This will also make you much more beautiful. Girls aren't very attracted to men who sit there and wonder if they should approach or not. If you sit there, all you're going to get is that drink in front of you. So just do it, like the commercial says.

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