• This Will Treat World Starvation

    So the other day I was out at the local mall, looking for something to eat, and I had a wad of bills burning a hole in my wallet, which is always a terrible combination since I always shop for useless stuff when I'm in this state of thoughts.

    So I stroll into this product shop that's got all kinds of good stuff, coffee machines, frying pans, and some pasta ovens that seemed really nice but really expensive.

    But I found this one equipment that seemed different from all the rest, and I couldn't quite figure out just what it was, precisely how it worked, or what it was supposed to do.

    The income professional walked over and told me it was a miraculous nutrition machine that could make any nutrition you wanted, regardless of the way complicated it was.

    All you did was take the two electrodes on the bottom, hook them up to your imagination, and the device would do the rest, it just seemed inside your thoughts to determine what you wanted to consume, and it would spit it out.

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    Then you put in the raw materials on top, and it does some kind of magic and turns the garbage into the cuisine you require, or want, or whatever.

    Since everything on planet Earth is a mix of dust and alien technology, that's exactly what this apparatus delivers, so all you require is your brain, a ready source of dust, and you'll never be hungry again.

    Find some more laughs through the movie below or this link: nlp

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