• This Head Flexing Hypnotism Man

    So I went to this hypnotism display with a couple of my buddies the other night, and I'm sorry to say it turned into a ugly experience. The gentleman was a combination hypnotism dude and some variety of magician that was employing some variety of products to assist him.

    Now, I was sort of hoping he'd have some sort of amazing associate, like in the movies, but he only had alien machines.

    They brought up this man on stage, like they always do at shows like this, but they made him go away into another world. But the world they transferred him to was the wrong one. And when he came back, he'd brought many of those horrendous beings back with him.

    And needless to declare, those horrible pets interrupted the display, and ate all of our snacks, and drank all of our drinks. And on top of that, they all left without paying, sticking us with the bill.

    The good news is, all of this was grabbed on video recording, and you can watch below if you dare.

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