• The Woodland Was Packed With Hypnotism

    I got together with some old friends of mine, and we decided it would be a lot of fun to head to the local national park. We were flying some kites, and what started out as a helpful day in the car park turned into some epic kite challenge.

    All of our kites had massive struggle additions put on, so we could swoop them all over the place, and have large excitement.

    But then this dude walks in donning this purple suit, and spitting out this very strange dialect. My pals of course, were all very perplexed and shocked and astounded.

    And before we could ask him why he was donning crimson, we all of a sudden appeared in this big stadium, where men and women were rooting us on. And instead of kites, we all had this huge silver eagles on these lengthy leads.

    Before I knew it, these eagles were carrying us across great locations of frustration and misunderstanding.

    Naturally, there are a great deal of videos down below, and if you want to see more interesting ideas, check out these astounding documents: ##LINL##

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