• The Wood Fairies In The Forest

    I was moving into my brand new home the other day, wondering how my fresh next door neighbor were going to be, when I discovered that they were very much unlike my earlier neighbors, and it was quite a surprise to my system.

    This brand new location was kind of different, and I noticed it was going to be a bit unique a couple days after I moved in, and I'm still trying to decide precisely how I feel about it.

    They showed up with these awesome plates of foods, and bowls of cheese stovetop popcorn, which seemed kind of bizarre, but it got even stranger when they said they wanted to take me to a party in the woods behind the neighborhood.

    Of course, when you are having a party in your house, that's one thing, but exactly why in the world would you go into the woodland?

    When I saw all of these wooden fairies out there floating around, I thought it was pretty weird, but then when I saw them absolutely devouring the bowls of stovetop popcorn, I thought it was even better, or maybe more peculiar, I'm not sure which.

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    I guess they had some kind of a deal. They would give them popcorn, and they would protect them from evil.

    As to the reason why they absolutely adore popcorn, I have no idea.

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