• The Wonderful Use Of Trance

    I met this really cute female the other day, and she said she appreciated pets, so I figured I go out and maybe get myself a puppy and hopefully wow her.

    However, just the weekend before, they had a massive sale on all the pets at the local pet retailer, and by the time I got there all they had were a few birds.

    Anyhow, so I got this big massive parakeet, or maybe it was a bird, I'm not sure, and I was hoping this was going to wow my positive partner of the future, but what happened next is beyond the realm of logic.

    I suppose this fowl used to belong to some kind of government scientists in Europe or something, because it kept communicating in these hard to comprehend dialects, and the whole time it was communicating in some kind of physics gibberish which I couldn't comprehend one bit.

    However, when my lady finally came over to this impressive thing, she was truly intrigued because much to my surprise she'd always been a very keen admirer of exotic birds that spit out babble.

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    But then the bird used trance on both of us, and before you knew it, we were jogging around in circles and mumbling something about a dining room window.

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