• The Wonderful Hypnotism Voyage

    The other day I was sitting around at home, really bored, and I decided to head down to the entertainment center to see if they had anything fun to do for people like me.

    They said they had this visit that was just departing, and they were taking a group of citizens down town to check out the new manufacturing facility which just opened up, and is supposed to be some kind of manufacturing unit that can pretty much product anything.

    And when I got there, I was incredibly surprised to see how much awesome things could be done with this plant, and all the enchanting components they had around this place, even the folks were easily trainable on the spot.

    They could easily retrain the individuals on the spot with hypnosis, and they were able to shift the devices around with all kinds of innovative robotics.

    It looked like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, with all the awesome arms and individuals running around, kind of like a combination of a flea market and folks on the floor of the stock exchange.

    It was really awesome how effortlessly everything worked together, the devices would transform at the same time the persons would slip into trance.

    While I was there, they created a lot of guacamole, and some shoe laces.

    To find out more, check out the movies below, or click on these remarkable links: the link

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