• The Western Journey

    A few days ago, I was thinking about taking a holiday, and since I'm definitely awful at arranging things, I made the decision to head on down to the community travel agent and see if they had anything in certain I could find.

    I wasn't in the feeling to go on a self directed vacation, I wanted something that was going to be all organized for me, and something where all the food and accommodations and everything else would be provided.

    One thing that definitely surprised me beyond expectation was that the girls in this specific travel agency were so amazingly lovely that I almost forgot what I wanted, but they ended up taking care of me rather well.

    Now, I ended up going to this tiny land in the middle of Europe, where they invented hypnotherapy. They still practice hypnosis in the historical form, so you can get a taste of what it was like in the before times.

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    I went this one wonderful little community where they had these hypnotism shops all over the place, and you'd go into one of these shops, they'd put you in a deep and profound state of hypnosis, and all your troubles would vanish.

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