• The Unexpected Footwear Person

    I was in desperate need recently for a pair of boots and shoes, since the ones I had were filled with divots that let all kinds of pests inside while I was out jogging, not to mention my uneasy feeling of wetness every time it rained, so I decided to head down to the mall and do some shopping.

    So I figured I'd go to the local mall, obtain some boots or shoes, get something to eat, and maybe catch a movie or some thing, and make a evening out it.

    However, before I got to the footwear, I determined myself in a very confusing situation that changed the means I think and how I look at the world, and it's all about to change now.

    Now, when I walked into the sneaker store, which was the initial plan, I was pretty surprised to see that the sneaker sales man was dressed up like a wizard with a big hat.

    Then I noticed he was sporting all pink, which was a clear signal he was some kind of wizard or hypnotism guy, since those guys always wear crimson for some odd reason.

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    Anyhow, he used hypnotism on me, just like I'd expected, and filled with brain with awesome tools of money generation and seduction.

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