• The Ugly Bear

    So the other day, I was out walking with my close friends in a neighborhood pack when something astounding took place, so surprisingly weird that I hesitate to tell my long and twisting history here.

    There was this animal chasing after us, and at the base of this large cliff was a huge pile of dirt filled with terrible pain just waiting to horrify us. Just as we hopped off the edge of the high cliff, certain we were going to meet our certain departure, a hot air balloon swooped in and picked us up.

    Even though the man driving the hot air mechanism seemed to be a regular person, we were pretty sure he was some kind of noncitizen, and that this wasn't going to do us any good. The reason we knew he was from another planet was that he kept talking in this extremely unusual and historic type of hypnotism, that my pal said has been banned for centuries.

    Wonderful Reports Of Fright: Mind Persuasion

    When we finally arrived at this house, which was quite high up in the hills above the higher ambiance, he gave us some cups of delicious herbal tea. Only the herbal tea had something in it, and when we woke up we were in the belly of the animal.

    Meaning, needless to say, that may we ended up getting eaten by the bear in the first place, and this was all some ridiculous hallucination.

    If you want to find the wonderful truth, watch video clips below, to read even more scary rubbish, follow the link: official website

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