• The Traumatic Real Estate Investment Seminar

    So I went to this real estate property workshop a couple weeks ago, one of those ridiculous ones where they promise you can make a million dollars by getting and trading components with no money down.

    Of course, this was the free one, where you are pitched and delivered with amazing promises of great future riches, and then you've got to sign up in the back for the real course.

    Of course, I wasn't interested in getting and selling property, I was more interested in meeting these interesting men and women who are economically minded, and who are interested in meeting their financial goals with some outside the box thinking.

    Of course, I was enormously confident by the guy trading the thing, as he was very good at persuasion and I'm quite positive he was using some advanced hypnotherapy and other head technology.

    But I was shocked at exactly how many of these men and women were eagerly signing for these super expensive courses only after a few minutes of pitching by the guy in the front room.

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    It was as if there was this hypnotherapy floating through the air that got men and women pondering about free funds and stuff.

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