• The Traumatic Hypnosis Water Feature

    Where I live, in my town, there's this new water feature downtown next to the library. Now, I know what you're thinking, but this is a pretty amazing water fall, pretty much like nothing nobody has ever seen before.

    When they first started creating the thing, they wanted to do it on the down low, since they put up this big orange barrier around it, so nobody could see what they were doing, but they finished rather quickly.

    However, when they revealed the water fountain, everyone has already forgot about all that others stuff because it was so awesome, and it made all these impressive shapes in the air that baffled pretty much everybody's imagination all at the same time.

    Of course, nobody knew this at the time, but they had incorporated some extra-terrestrial intelligence in the thing, because when they were digging down into the earth to develop the foundation, they found some alien fossils.

    And as the account began to acquire more traction, it was revealed that the power source was unfamiliar in form, and used some kind of rare world hypnotism to develop incredible ideas that were filled with astonishing thoughts and actions.

    Strange Head Technologies: how to have confidence

    And that is just how the fountain was making those shapes. It was looking inside people's minds, and showing them into the water itself.

    Understand your own brain trance: secrets of confidence

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