• The Traumatic Brain Account

    This is a ridiculous narrative. One you will not feel. In fact, if you do happen to believe this adventure, then you will certainly need to have your head examined.

    Of course, now that the warnings are out of the way, we can possibly continue. It all started when I wanted to get a locks style, as my hair was becoming particularly long. You know it is.

    But instead of slicing my locks, the man put my imagination into this peculiar machine. One that wasn't built for chopping hair, but was built for putting in order the matter interior my mental performance.

    But as it was looking inside my mental performance, it was showing all my thoughts up on a screen. Of course, up on the screen, it looked like a video or something.

    Then when they were done, my head and recollections had all been rearranged according to my liking. I am not bothered any more by psychic issues or ghosts or anything.

    To be truly astounded, check out some of the video footage from below. I am sure you will hate me or something.

    And for even more impressive tricks of the brain for hypnotism fun, have a look here: try this out

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