• The Terrible Moment Travel Adventure

    Once upon a occasion I was with some buddies of mine on some strong seashore fishing boat, only the seafood weren't cooperating, so we decided to go fishing instead.

    We dove heavy under the water, and started looking around for some prize or something, and found this sunken deliver.

    The funny thing was that the deliver looked like some kind of moment traveling unfamiliar contradiction, as we didn't really realize why it looked the way it did, even though there were some ideas still in brain.

    The outside of the dispatch looked like some pirate ship or something, but the inside had all of these advanced controls that hadn't been created yet, and stuff we didn't even comprehend.

    They had this one machine that would hook into your brain and give you a readout about what was going to happen in the future, and we actually tried it a few times, and it actually worked out quite well, which was unexpected.

    Noncitizen Intellect Engineering: hypnosis article

    Then we finally got back to the surface, and back onto our vessel, we found that we'd actually traveled through time.

    Understand your own buried treasure with these links, or check out the video clips below: post

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