• The Striking Pirate Platinum

    I not too long ago bought this property and the other day I was relocating in, and found a brilliant addition to the residence that had been formerly unadvertised, even though I was pretty sure that they knew about it and just didn't tell me.

    I was relocating boxes around in my completely new family area, when I came across this secret lounge down into the depths of the planet, all from behind my fireplace, which really was just a hologram to fool robbers and stuff.

    They went down a long ways, maybe three or four stories down deep into the Planet underneath my property, and I decided I'd better bring some flashlights and some weapons in case I ran into some ghosts or something.

    When I finally got the bottom of the stairways like two hours later, I discovered this massive pile of pirate treasure that had been there for a couple hundred years.

    I knew they were from cutthroat buccaneers because each jewelry coin had a cranium and crossbones on there, and there was a bunch of red bandannas lying on the ground, as well as bunch of pumpkin heads or scarecrows from some pet parrots.

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    But as I was thinking about how to spend all my new loot, these buccaneer ghouls showed up and told me the silver was staying right where it was.

    To find your own pirate platinum, check out the movies below, or click on these links for massive confusion: additional reading

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