• The Soft Serve Ice Cream Hypnotism

    The other day I was out walking around in my area, doing some looking at as I usually do when I move into a new place, which I just did, when I these boys and ladies standing up outside in front of a classes yard.

    So I looked around, and I observed instantly that the institution happening was right behind them, and there were tons of men and women all jogging around with big smiles on their faces.

    I was quickly overtaken by the amazing smells of absolutely delightful meals, which I immediately decided to go on in and take a look at.

    But what really pleased me as this hypnotherapy booth, that was evidently manned by their scientific research instructor who also has a history in clever psychology, which is very useful when using trance.

    The hypnotism male said that if I had some foods with me, it would be a lot less complicated and I would be able to do some wonderful things with this extraordinary meals, so I went and ordered some fries.

    He first sat me down in this big cozy pink seat, and used a magical form of old hypnotism, and then told me to start eating my french fries.

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    Here's the kicker, what I bought was french-fried potatoes, but because of the hypnosis, they tasted like frozen treats.

    If you're interested in understanding wonderful trance for yourself, check on the videos below, or click on this shocking link: subconscious mind

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