• The Shocking Camping Holiday

    One thing that I always enjoy is spending some time in the exterior, away from the hustle bustle of city life, so when my buddies recommended we go trekking by means of the rainforest, I was fairly excited.

    Obviously, this didn't end up being a regular camping vacation. This ended up being one of the most important discoveries of mankind, and I'm only now beginning to remember what actually happened.

    Naturally, because the place was encased by these large hills, and they didn't have any highways, we had to parachute in from a couple thousand feet up.

    When we arrived, right away there was this welcoming party, only they weren't human beings, they were some kind of beings that seemed to be very advanced from when mankind and chimps split off from a common ancestor many, many years ago.

    They were making rubble float around, and they were delivering ideas into our minds without even making any cosmetic phrases, but they seemed to be very calm.

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    They were also willing to teach us all of these amazing skills, so long as we didn't use them to make any cash or try to advance any politics career.

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