• The Scary Conversation

    So I was on this strange retreat with some other colleagues of mine, and they had us go out into the ocean on this huge cruise ship was supposed to train us about the methods of life, so we could get better at business, but something unbelievably strange happened.

    We were out boating, and we found this unusual isle, that was inhabited not only by gorgeous girls in sexy bikinis, but also by these dinosaurs and odd cavern creatures that seemed to converse with some kind of telepathy.

    Of course, I thought I would be able to converse with them, since I have studied quite a bit of hypnosis, but they were no match for me since they were amazingly leading-edge.

    Naturally, when you see an region like this it's pretty cool, but in reality there were also some dinosaurs that luckily didn't seem too interested in eating us, since they were only interested in eating some strange crops on the tropical isle.

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    Normally, we were happy to also find that on this odd area there were many kinds of wonderful fruits which contained pretty much any kind of nutritional element that you needed in order to live a long and healthy life, which would have come in handy if we decided to stay on that area.

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