• The Reason Why We Feel Dread

    Every single one of us that is alive today would like extra things in life, and we feel our vanity is to blame. If they could only get their pride out of the way, then life would become effortless and they would likely be able to operate amongst individuals and get whatever they want.

    As wonderful as it sounds, the pride is part of our heads, and you simply can't wish it away. The truth of the vanity is it is a complicated biological fact that has helped us to pull through the lengthy lean years. Our pride is a series of intuitions just like the instinct to eat something when we're hungry, and it's not going to be wished away.

    So, what do we do? Are we hopelessly stuck in the never ending period of indecision, anxiety and general public examination, too scared to make a move on life? Not in the last, in fact, with some planning you can simply release the vanity and find yourself a very nice life.

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    The first thing you've got to do is practice thinking like an advanced human instead of a caveman. The pride is based on fears that will never come true, so one way to overcome the confidence is to merely exercise doing things you are scared of.

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