• The Purple Hypnotherapy Orange Story

    One time I was out walking through the recreation area. I wasn't going anywhere in particular. Those days when you've got some time to spare is extraordinary. I had some time. It was one of those days.

    I saw this male about my age. He was sporting a purple suit. I suppose you might think that I'm not telling the whole truth. His mouth was moving, and these words were flying out at me. Like he knew me. Maybe he thought we were old roommates or something.

    Now, when this all started, I thought maybe he was mistaken. I couldn't tell him from an old Oak Tree. But then he started spilling some of my ancient tricks that only my closest friends know about. Like when my old teacher started talking about those wonderful gorillas in the rain forests.

    Or that time I used to work at the movie theater, and the man showed us a motion picture about hypnotherapy. This was back when I first became interested in Neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis. There's nothing you can't do with these incredible skills.

    For example, using trance, I made my buddy think he was a lemon. True story. He thought he was going to be turned into some kind of lemony drink. Of course, this was only in his creativeness, but you get the picture.

    On one occasion I also bought my close friend a glass of warm water, but told him, through hypnosis, that it was really a root beer. He didn't even think twice, he just took my word for it. He thought it was lemonade. But you and I know the truth. The secrets and techniques of Neuro linguistic programming and hypnotism.

    That old dude in the park suddenly pops up. As it turns out, he WAS an old close friend of mine, from way, way back. He was the male who thought he was a citrus. Of course, now he's got that crazy get up on. He was also talking to some of the monkeys in the recreation area. I guess maybe I shouldn't have tranced out him. I suppose I created some mind damage.

    On the other hand, maybe I've been tranced out all along. Maybe it wasn't really him. Maybe it was just a pigeon that I thought was my old friend that I didn't remember. Some kind of cape or something.

    Anyhow, to take a look atsome cool videos, scroll on down.

    And to get in on the techniques of outstanding hypnotic powers, click this link: more helpful hints

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