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    I don't normally dabble in the occult, or things like trance or clairvoyant connection, but I've always been interested in learning these things, so when there was this training starting up in the downtown area, I was all over this like a ton of bricks.

    I walk into the school room, and see some normal looking men and women, but just as I'm sitting down the trainer starts talking in this actually strange form of hypnosis that nobody has ever heard before, and she wasn't even referring to notes or anything.

    Of course, I've read many books on hypnosis, and I'm fairly sure that I've at least been exposed to the most typical kinds, but this professor was using a form that seemed to pre-date the ancient Egyptians, which is quite wild since they had to write everything on stone tables.

    For example, we went around the room and did numerous types of frosty examining on each other, and determined all kinds of secret information about each other we wouldn't otherwise have known other than having some form of psychic hypnotherapy at our fingertips.

    But what made things even more crazy, was when she put the ideas back into our heads, it was usually ours plus some mix of some other person's ideas, and because this class went on for a while, it was pretty incredible how much mental vitality we developed.

    Uncover Intellect Numbing Ideas: hypnosis

    And as a bonus, all of us have turned into great conversationalists.

    If you're interested in learning more, check out the video clips below or click on this link: sites

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