• The Outstanding Helpers

    So I bought this apartment recently, and I was pretty surprised because I got a really beneficial value on it, because of the prior citizens, who were always getting in touch with ghosts and opening up portals to the other dimension.

    Now, I didn't use to believe in that kind of thing, because I never actually had an ability to meet any ghosts or anything like that, but boy was I surprised when some unusual things started happening.

    Now, when the ghouls started to show up, and talk to me, I started to become a believer. After all, seeing is believing, right?

    Of course, when they started talking to me and helping out with numerous life concerns, I began to see precisely how extremely wonderful they actually were, in more ways than one.

    After a while, we were having frequently scheduled get togethers, and these ghouls were giving me all kinds of financial assistance, and helping me make even more money.

    Naturally, if you were a ghost and you lived outside of space and time, you could easily find a way to predict the commodity market, so you'd have a ton of cash to rely on in any given moment.

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    I though this was great, but when they started using spirit hypnotherapy on me, then boy was I in for a surprise.

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