• The Outstanding County fair Clown

    In my town there is this good little selection that is crammed with books. And near this archives is a wonderful woodland that is stuffed with happy grass and pleasant to look at flowers, and also some nice things.

    I think it's useful and effortless to examine or study when there is some quiet, good surroundings to look at, like a duck pond or some kind of grass or some individuals hanging around drinking ice tea or something.

    So while I was sitting there experiencing everything, this crazy clown comes in and starts to juggle all these baseballs. But the thing was he didn't seem to be putting in any effort in jugging these, as it seemed second nature to him.

    But then he started talking to me, and he didn't even look at me, as he was concentrating lazily on the five baseballs that he was balancing, and he didn't even seem to be worried.

    Traumatic Mind Techniques: hypnosis therapy

    But the phrases he spoke to me put me in a strong state of trance, where I finally understood the laws of the universe, and I knew exactly what to do to increase my riches and plethora.

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