• The Odd Sensations Of Horrid Robotic Soreness

    I was in for a lucky time when I got picked to go on this video game show, but when I realized it was all a trick to feed my skin to alien cannibals, it was too late to do anything about it.

    The inhabitants was only about three individuals, and they worked in a few shifts, as the entire entertainment park was run by programs, and the only reason they needed these a few living people during the operational time was due to some congressman or something.

    Anyhow, these programs that ran the show had some kind of divine ability to read minds, and no matter where I walked in the place, they were following me around and giving me baggage of popcorn.

    Plenty of times we would go on this ride, and there was a whole cart full of individuals when we started, but when we finished I was the only one left, and this was happening quite a lot.

    Immediate Insanity: from this source

    I think maybe these robots are taking all the visitors to the park and turning them into food or something, or maybe they are feeding them to aliens.

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