• The Mystery Of Constant Craziness

    I got a call via a friend of mine, telling me to meet him and these other close friends at this tavern downtown, only I didn't really hear the name correctly, so I ended up having quite an interesting night.

    Since I thought I knew where I was going, I went to that place, only to find it wasn't the place that I thought I was going to, which was another place.

    But it was my lucky night, or maybe my unlucky night depending on just how you look at things, when I looked inside the bar and saw they had a wizard performing, and he asked me to be the volunteer.

    At first I thought it would make for a fun story to tell my friends when they finally showed up, but remember, this was not the club I was supposed to be in, which is the reason why this story might not have a happy ending.

    Now, I know what you're thinking, that's impossible to switch my brain with a violet kangaroo, but the truth is that this guy was a pretty prominent wizard back before he was sent to prison.

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    Then when my good friends finally did show up, and asked me if I wanted some chicken wings, then I could only speak in the language of the violet kangaroo, which meant they kept feeding me Australian dirt.

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