• The Mystery Manufacturing Plant

    I found myself in a near death experience just lately, one that I hadn't expected. I was on this shuttle journey, and we were driving through the desert and because of an unexpected mud hurricane we were all of a sudden lost and didn't know what to do or where we were going to go.

    The good news is that our horrible and painful predicament didn't actually last long, as we soon came across a metropolis that seemed to be horrible and unhappy and waiting for a shuttle filled with folks to brighten it up or something like that.

    Normally, when we found out that the town was all about hypnosis, everything started to make sense, like why we were instantly in a trance and why we instantly found ourselves in this big room with velvet material draped over everything.

    Obviously, the best way to get some good overall health effects is with trance, as you can pretty much get any benefit that you want, without truly worrying about any side effects like going insane or forgetting where your socks are.

    While their were plenty of chemicals in the water program already, they weren't sure about the long term effects, so they figured that using hypnosis would be better.

    Mysterious Mind Tools: quick confidence

    Hopefully, this time around they won't make individuals turn into zombies or flesh eating plants, so we can become even more powerful than we were even before.

    To discover your own hypnotism strength, please see the video clips below, or check out these links: hypnosis

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