• The Mysterious Attic

    I recently acquired a new residence, and just before we were about to sign all the paperwork, the broker made the decision to tell me there was a secret basement, and in the hidden knowledge den was some useful equipment, like laundry and stuff.

    I've always been a fairly laid back guy, so I never really took the time to inspect the dwelling when I bought it, I just looked at the pictures, did some research on the neighborhood, and figured that was that.

    Now, I don't know if the previous resident was some kind of crazy hoarder or something, but he had this big ledge of pickled eggs that looked rather gross, so I moved them and found a concealed knowledge lobby.

    I know there's some kind of connection to eggs, but I really don't know what it is at this point.

    Anyway, when I started walking down this concealed hall, I found all these rooms, and these rooms were filled up with folks dressed in crimson cotton jammies, only they were really only half folks.

    I tried talking to them, but these ghouls just kept floating around, I guess they don't need to interact with people or anything.

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