• The Miserable Cavern Of Misfortune

    So I was backpacking with my buddies a few weeks ago, and we decided to go look in this cavern that was next to where we set up camp.

    We'd set up camp, and had already consumed dinner and were getting ready for a nice relaxing sunset before we had some ales around the campfire, when the angle of the sun showed an access to a cavern that we hadn't noticed before.

    Of course, we couldn't let this opportunity pass us by, so we made the decision to check out the cavern and see what we might find in it, we thought maybe there would be some buccaneer treasure or something.

    It went down this long, marbled stairway, but it sort of looked like it hadn't been used in a couple thousand years, because the actual pebble on the stairway was very similar to the stuff that the Romans had used many years ago.

    Anyhow, as we started strolling down the stairways, something we definitely shouldn't have done, we noticed this horrendous squealing from behind us, and we saw a horribly misshaped clown.

    Loco Clown Therapy: website link

    I don't like clowns to begin with, let alone having a group of screeching enemies pounce in out of the darkness like that.

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