• The Magnificent Enticing Potential Of Social Proof

    There are many good reasons that men and women do things, and many of them are unconscious. Meaning we feel a powerful coercion to do things, but we don't really know why.

    Social proof is one of these factors. Like when we see a audience of men and women doing something, and when we determine with the masses, we'll feel a massive coercion to go along.

    This has been programmed into us on a deep and subconscious level for a long time. Men and women that were always feeling to go out and do things on their own never really lasted very long in the wild.

    And folks who had a tendency to follow the crowd were generally much safer, which meant they passed on these same genes to their vast descendents.

    So whenever you want to persuade an individual, just let them know that you're idea is very, very common. This will give you a potent motivation to succeed.

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