• The Magic Concoction

    The other night, the weather was pretty nice, so I decided to go for a wander, and maybe have a refreshment or two, and get something to eat while watching the game.

    When I walked in, it was quite unfamiliar because while it had a regular looking club, there were no plastic bottles in the back, nor were there the necessary line of taps with all the different kinds of beers.

    There was only one single tap and it was not noticeable or labeled in any way, and I couldn't even tell by looking at it if it was cider or soda or anything else that might come out.

    When I asked the bartender what was what, he told me it was some kind of mysterious refreshment dispenser that looked into the minds of the consumer and gave them exactly what they needed in order to have a much more fulfilling lifestyle, and they had a very high success rate.

    I asked him how this worked, and he told me he had no idea, he just knew that it worked again and again.

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    It was a mix of fruit juice and some kind of root cider, which had a pleasurable but weird taste to it.

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