• The Kangaroo Used Hypnotism

    So I went to the zoo park a pair of days ago, and I was surprised that they hadn't raised the rates in over two years, what with all the inflation, this was something that I'd not been planning on, however, this wasn't the only shock.

    When I was just wandering around, checking out the pets and eating my peanuts, this group of kangaroos started talking to me, and not in regular language either.

    Of course, talking kangaroos are one thing, but when the kangaroos in question are using a extremely historic, and quite effective form of trance, you can be sure that something astonishing is about to happen.

    But the things they put in my mind were completely amazing, I mean things about my own personal potential, and the things that I was going to do in the future, and even a glimpse into some alternative universes, where people speak in other languages.

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    And the funny part was about halfway through their evil diatribe, I started taking notes, because after all, when a talking kangaroo starts to use trance, you'd better write it down, and all the information ended up inside my brain for immediate recall and other things.

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