• The Impressive Handful Of Salary

    I've got this good friend I've been friends with a long time, and he called me the other day and asked me if I was interested in going to this actually ridiculous party, even though he didn't genuinely give me the big picture.

    Of course, I said I'd go, since I was pretty bored, and he told me there was going to be some attractive women there, and since it had been a while, I thought possibly I could hook up or something.

    Now, we made a decision to meet at the occasion, since it was kind of in the middle of the city, and when I walked in I was quite nervous, since every person was looking at me kind of funny, and I sort of suspected this wasn't going to be a regular celebration.

    Then this actually amazing lover showed up and started talking in a very strange type of hypnotherapy, I couldn't actually make out what she was saying.

    I suddenly became other than conscious, and when I woke up, I was surrounded by tremendous piles of dollars, and I was inside this gigantic mansion.

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    I turns out that this was a riches hypnotism party, and only those who are invited get to participate. I had saved my friends life last year during a shark storm, and he was repaying the favor.

    If you want to understand the way it works, watch the movie below, or click on this link: Here

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