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    So my close friend called me up a few months ago asking about going on some nuts coach experience that most folks wouldn't even be thinking about.

    I figured since I just got some extra getaway time from my job, that would be the perfect thing to kill some easy time and have some enjoyment seeing the surroundings go by.

    Now, I've made some problems before, but none as massive and as awful as this one, since the coach ended up driving through the desert, not a warm paradise like I'd been lead to believe.

    But something snapped inside my intellect, maybe some kind of hypnosis, and we showed up at this huge pink tent. And inside the covering they had this guy all set up like he was doing some kind of spectacular show or something.

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    Now, I'll be honest, at first it was pretty cool, but I out of the blue suddenly lost consciousness, and when I woke up, I was back at home, sitting on my couch and observing the Television set.

    And on the Television set, there was this guy chatting about this nuts hypnotherapy scam that involved taking persons out into the middle of the desert and making them think they were seeing a powerful show.

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