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    I figured I was going to a dance party the other evening with my associates, but somehow it turned out to be a mix of something else involving hypnotism.

    I figured we were going to talk to some pretty ladies, have some enjoyment, and then maybe go to somewhere fascinating. Naturally, nothing ever happens as you plan, and life is usually fairly crazy.

    First of all, there was no skating at this bash, this was kind of a marketing strategy. In reality, what happened was a crazy mix of hypnosis and reality. Meaning I didn't know when they guy was doing actual trance, or when we were just under the effects of his magic show.

    Anyhow, when we got back to my close friends apartment, everybody was sporting violet. Nevertheless, nobody could remember changing garments. The only logical explanation is that both miracle working and hypnosis had been used.

    But we had one of the best and terrible nights of wonderful entertainment ever.

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