• The Frightening Lady

    So the other night, I had my eye on this cute lady and I was trying to work up the bravery to go over and speak to her, and before long I finally found some marvelous courage inside my human brain, so I made a move.

    But what happened next is going to shock you beyond belief, as it outraged me beyond recognition, since I have no idea what really occurred.

    The first thing that occurred was she looked right at me and told me just what I was thinking as I was thinking it, and she even forecasted the upcoming of my thoughts.

    Then when I was trying to think of what to say to her in order to persuade her to give me her mobile phone number, she snapped her fingers and I was holding it in my hand, like she was some kind of nuts wizard or something.

    Them my phone started ringing, and it was her, only she was sitting right here in front of me.

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    But lady on the mobile phone, who was also the lady in the club, said she was calling me from the future, and that she had too much estimations.

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