• The Correct Way I Identified The Outrageous Technique

    This is a true article. I was with my buddies the other night. I was out with some buddies, and we were bored. It all began in a standard pub, down the street. The type where people hang out, and eat things like chicken or potato chips.

    But then we decided to head downtown. We wanted some more action. We came across an old theater. They had a bit listing in front of all the shows. Some guy was performing, and he was billed as the fantastic hypnotist. It was apparent that he could do some magnificent things with his mind.

    My friend was very brave, and he went up on stage. Then the spectacular hypnotic trance had begun. Sort of like the trance you are in right now. Or maybe it's me that's in the state of hypnosis.

    Whenever there is hypnosis involved, brilliant things tend to take place, whether we like them to or not. Like predicting the weather, and telling who was going to win the basketball game.

    But what really happened is that this is in my imagination. The secret was that we were all hypnotized. And if you aren't careful, something like this can easily happen to you.

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