• The Calamity At The Cafeteria

    I was toiling away at my friendly computer when I felt like eating some bird and onions, so I decided to amble down to my preferred hen and red onion restaurant, which also serves all kinds of other foods, expecting to have a wonderful time eating my favored foods, and really savoring my blessed luck.

    Of course, I didn't know that when I got there they didn't have any fowl, or they didn't have any vegetables, which means that I had better come up with a better strategy, because my bare belly wasn't going to let me off the hook so easily, which meant I needed to come up with a method B.

    Of course, the goddess of luck was smiling right down on top of where I was standing, because right behind me was the ultimate goddess of hypnosis, which shown the light on me in such a manner than she was able to put me in a wonderful condition of pleased and everlasting trance.

    Now, the further I drifted into this superb state of trance, I started to smell big loads of meat and vegetables all over me, even though just a minute before, there was none to be observed, so I was filled in wonderful passion for my pleased hypnotherapy discovery.

    Now, I must say that doing things like this is not my regular ballewick, but as this gal kept on waving her enchanting wand of hypnotherapy around my neural, is falling more and more in love with the idea of peanut butter being my single rescuer in this whole entire predicament.

    Just how To Vindicate Awesome Pleasure: covert hypnosis

    Of course, I was only eating imaginary peanut butter, but it was the best imaginary peanut butter I ever pretended to consume.

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