• The Best Way I Evolved Into Divine

    So the other day, like most other times, my buddies called me up and asked if I wanted to go downtown. Just how I wondered what was going to take place that this person was some world famous hypnosis.

    Now, I don't like passing on some astonishing story, so then I evolved into convinced it would be a excellent time, so I went. It all started like a well thought out hypnotherapy performance, with the dude doing methods like levitation and all sorts of those things.

    Pretty quickly, persons in the audience started turning to bunnies. As you would expect, I was looking forward to some regular tricks that you can't really see anywhere.

    However, from here on out, there were some unusual things. Naturally, the more odd things happen, the sooner they become typical, or maybe not. If you start to expect regular things, that's precisely when the madness begins, usually with a vengeance.

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    The whole audience started doing this massive head methods and reading through each others heads. And after the show was over, we were starting to be able to read each other's minds like it was natural.

    And we carried that gift with us for the rest of their lives. Everywhere I go, I can find some interesting things inside the thoughts of others.

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