• The Awesome Violin Professional

    I had this actually amazing experience the other night, and even though I'm sure it happened just as it actually occurred, I still don't believe what really occurred.

    To begin with, we walked into this location thinking maybe we were going to have a few drinks, maybe some snacks, and listen to some live jazz because this was a live jazz club.

    Instead, he spent all his time looking at all the folks in the club, and watching them walk around and talk to each other, and he would never stop enjoying such beautiful music while he was doing this.

    But instead of looking at the guitar keys, he was locking eyes with everyone in the tavern, and all at the same time, like one of those spooky pictures in a haunted house that keeps following you around.

    But he had this mysterious tip jar, that kept getting larger and fuller with dollars, even though nobody was going near that factor, and he had this insane look of insanity on his face the entire time.

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    Not only that, but he seemed to be fading in and out of existence, like he was some kind of hologram or something.

    To learn more, enjoy the movies below, or click on this link: blog post

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