• The Astounding Magic Show

    Have you ever been to a magical show? Naturally, everybody has. Maybe as a youngster, or maybe when you were at some celebration some dude came and did some methods.

    If you've seen a regular wizardry show, you've seen some quite regular ideas. Like card tips, or coin tricks or maybe a rabbit in a hat or something. The outrageous magic show I saw the other night was astounding in it's amount of alarming content.

    He did methods with his mind. Some of the horrid darker fear that was floating around was just too much to bear for most people. And he was using some kind of Neuro linguistic programming or trance. He certainly wasn't doing anything typical, that's for sure.

    He was using a kind of invisible energy and language. I think maybe the chants he was using were from some long forgotten civilization. To be sure, no person knew what was happening. But we had all kinds of alien thought processes put into our ideas.

    Then he did even more stunning things. Then he started using incredibly advanced self-hypnosis that few folks have ever seen. Before long, everybody had gone silly. I was glad when the cops showed up and took him away.

    For more guidelines on hypnosis, have a look at some of the movies below.

    And for a really good time, check out the great self-hypnosis data right here: Here

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