• The Astounding Holiday

    I had a superb opportunity a couple of months ago to journey on this wonderful and miraculous voyage by sea on this awesome motorboat to an island filled with wonderful creatures that possessed advanced knowledge.

    Naturally, since it was a vessel journey, I assumed we'd be doing a lot of drinking and a lot of sunbathing, and not really doing anything productive other than trying to forget what we'd said to individuals the night before.

    But the most astounding thing that happened was that we stopped at this tropical isle, and on this tropical island were fantastic sorcerers and magicians that filled our heads with unrestricted data that we could use for pretty much anything.

    I forgot to mention that in order to get to this hidden and enchanting island we had to squeeze through some kind of time portal that would even be classified as such under the old standards.

    There were all kinds of wizards walking around and telling people just how extremely fantastic they were, and the more you realized what was going on, the more secrets of the galaxy were being uncovered basically by arbitrary accident.

    The best part was when we had a seaside party at the end, and barbecued some sausages and cheeseburgers.

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