• The Astonishing Zoo Park

    The other day I was about to fall asleep in front of my TV, since the stuff they were showing was so extremely uninteresting I was about ready to wave off TV forever, when all of a sudden I realized that my phone was ringing, and when I answered it, it was my buddy who was trying to tell me about some zoo or something downtown.

    Of course, I agreed to go do the zoo, because at the zoo they have some very tasty stovetop popcorn and other doggie snacks, which means you can consume all evening long and not feel guilty, although sometimes I think it's some kind of key or something to make us put on pounds and then sell us weight loss products.

    However, this specific afternoon at the zoo was like no other, simply because the animals had been trained in the ancient art of canine hypnotism, meaning they'd all studied the dark arts of conversing with humans, which you'll see in a minute.

    Now, I'll admit that when I first walked in, and heard all the creatures communicating, I thought it was some kind of technique or something, but when it sunk in I was shocked.

    But when I understood that the wild animals were really conversing to me, I figured I'd better listen, since they may have some important facts.

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