• The Astonishing Network

    So a couple of buddies of mine called me up the other day, and say they were going to this actually incredible theme playground, the kind where they have this big maze and you walk through it and try to find your way out.

    So we all walked in, and we made a decision to separate and see who could come to the other end first, and then the last person would have to buy lunch for everybody.

    I was about to give up when I suddenly found the center of the network, where there was this massive city made out of pink, and the folks who lived there seemed almost regular, but not really.

    Everybody speaks in a very ancient and horribly baffling kind of hypnotism, where it's literally impossible to get anybody to realize a word of what you're saying.

    For example, this guy came up to me, and started talking like he wanted to know the instance or something, but in reality he put me in such a deep trance that I've never recovered since I was a kid.

    Outrageous Things To Consider: covert hypnosis

    I'm not truly sure just how I ever got out of that web, but I am pretty sure that my head has been eternally altered.

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