• The Astonishing Afternoon Of Negative Soreness

    The other afternoon, I was having one of these desires where things start to naturally into each other like outstanding rivers of strawberry pie cream stuffed dessert. But then I realized it wasn't a dream at all, it was genuinely happening to me.

    Obviously, when you realize that some lousy reality is indeed reality, I can't think of a more terrifying though to enter into my very poor brain.

    It all started when I volunteered to take part in a hypnotism show that was taking place down at the native bar. After I determined to volunteer, I figured it would be like any other normal trance performance, maybe I'd cluck like a pig or something.

    Needless to say, when he shoved my bad human brain filled with wicked trance from beyond the grave, I knew I was in deep, deep trouble. I'm still wandering the Earth, like a very ancient profit of times past, kicked out from modern society, and never understanding what's happening.

    And if you want to see some unpleasant movies below, please don't.

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