• The Amazing Head Vacation

    So the other day I was looking through the Sunday paper, and they had this add for a class that opened up, mainly for adults, kind of like an adult education and learning program.

    Now, some schools are kind of a scam, as they will cost you thousands of dollars, and they'll end up giving you some kind of qualification that seems to be legitimate, but's not really worth the paper it's printed on. I could tell this was the school like that.

    So I decided to take this school in trance, as I had always wanted to learn hypnotism, and I figured it would be an fascinating way to pass the time and maybe meet some exciting folks.

    But a funny thing happened when I picked up the mobile phone to reserve my spot, I suddenly was thrust into a world of pleased hypnotism where I was surrounded by loving energy from around the world, all trying to conspire to make me feel better.

    Naturally, this was a signal from the galaxy to jump right in and have some fun, which is precisely what I wanted to have happen, since I'd never felt such impressive love before after singing up for a school.

    Secrets Past Your Head: Full Article

    So when I finally went to school, it was filled with the most superb individuals I'd ever seen in my entire life.

    To see more amazing love bombs, view the videos below, or click on this link: article

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