• The Alarming Dresser

    So I bought this new residence not too long ago, something I've been doing quite a lot of lately when I suddenly discovered this big piece of furnishings in my bedroom that didn't seem to belong.

    At first I thought about promoting it something, maybe for a couple 100 dollars, but my girlfriend suggested that I start to put my clothes in it or something, and it might be a great thing to do.

    Obviously, once I opened up the door, all of these remarkable creatures came running out, followed by this massive white haired wizard, who was carrying this massive remarkable wand and pretty soon his eyes were swirling around like some kind of psychotic gumball machine.

    He looked at me and told me that he was happy that I let him out of the closet, because he'd be locked up in there for hundreds of years.

    He told me that I got one wish, and he would grant me anything I wanted, and I think I pretty much made a huge oversight in this here wishing department.

    Your Wonderful Magician Is Inside You: link

    Now, instead of asking for money or anything, I asked for a jar of extra chunky cashew butter that would never, ever empty out.

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