• Specifically How I Ended Up Rotating My Mind

    You know the method sometimes you get these insane ideas in your head that just grab on and won't let go, like some amazing thoughts about doing things in a different way with your hobbies, or something, well this is kind of specifically how this story starts out, only a little bit in different ways.

    Of course, I instantly acknowledged the bistro this dude was talking about, it was the one that had been making folks vanish into thin air, never to return again, for the past five hundred years or so, and was torn down by the local health department.

    The story goes that some man with a magic hen menu from the heavens had invented such a delightful dish that the metropolis allowed him to take over that vacant lot and build his fantastic chicken look and promote birds all around town.

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    Of course, when my good friend and I arrived, we were handled with some excellent treats and a ton of astounding ideas and even some extremely scrumptious hen.

    That right there is the proof of the strength of hypnosis, since if you can bring the dead back to life to eat chicken, you can probably do pretty much anything with evil head control.

    To learn more, watch the alarming films below, or just click on this horrifying link: Mind Persuasion

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