• My Remarkably Unpleasant Experience

    So our colleague called me up the other day, out of the glowing blue, and questioned me if we could go heat ballooning. I imagined he was joshing, due to the fact he is extraordinarily terrified of altitudes, he won't even look out the window on the 2nd level.

    But he told me that he went through some awesome hypnosis, and he was able to quickly take out all of his panic. They told him to go and do something that would have scared him to death in his previous life.

    Everything was going just fine until the hot air device left the ground, then we were in awful anguish and remarkable fear. We were suddenly over the river, and there were these really historic vessels having some kind of combat with each other.

    We must have gone through one of those time frame portal things that have been in the news lately, and there was a lot of stray self-hypnosis wafting around. Luckily, we were able to land on a vessel that wasn't so bad, even though it did take us a few years to sail back home.

    So next moment your friend tells you he's killed off dread with self-hypnosis, run the other way.

    Take a look below for some alarming and amazing self-hypnosis videos.

    And read some more extraordinary junk about hypnotism here: click here to investigate

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