• My Natural Vacation To Madness

    I usually have some pretty boring weekends, interpretation I watch a little bit of TV, get bored stiff, and then go on a walk through the community, but lately I had some odd issues that happened to me.

    See, I was walking through the park, only I didn't see this big gaping gap that was in the midsection of nowhere, and I fell into in that pit faster than a rock on the moon, which is twice the size of a standard moon.

    I kept falling and falling, and quite soon I was in this big subterranean city, that kind of looked like a typical city, only it was subterranean.

    It still had outlets and persons walking around, and all the individuals looked like regular humans, only there was something very different about them.

    Of course, when I noticed that they were in some way much, much smarter than standard people, I naturally wished to explore the limits of my own knowledge, so I could possibly mix it with theirs, but I had to come home.

    Unbelievable Happiness: check this out

    Other than, when it was time it was time to come home, and I somehow forgot everything that happened, except I still have some strange goals from time to time.

    Have a ball with the amazing videos below, or click on this incredible link: nlp

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